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We are a premier provider of IT resources specializing in the regenerative & circular green tech industry, we ignite your projects with exceptional talent. From brilliant full stack developers to visionary project managers, analytical wizards to design maestros, and virtual assistants who virtually do it all – we’ve got the dream team to fuel your green ambitions!



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Talent Acquisition

Finding the right talent for your green tech initiatives is crucial for success. Our talent acquisition services are designed to identify and attract highly skilled IT professionals who possess the technical expertise and industry knowledge needed to thrive in the green tech space. We provide end-to-end recruitment services that cover talent search, candidate selection, onboarding, and payroll management.

Staffing Solutions

We understand that staffing needs can fluctuate based on project demands. Our staffing solutions provide flexible options to scale your team up or down as needed. Whether you require short-term contract professionals or long-term placements we can rapidly deploy qualified IT resources to support your organization’s goals. ‘We offer a ‘pay-after-placement’ model that ensures you only pay us once your chosen candidate joins your team.

Workforce Optimization

Optimizing your workforce is essential for maximizing efficiency and driving sustainable growth. Our workforce optimization services help you streamline your clean tech operations by assessing your current team, identifying skill gaps, and implementing strategies to enhance productivity. We provide recommendations on team structure, training programs, and talent development initiatives to ensure that your workforce is equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel.


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Unlock Your Business’s Full Potential with Hardboot’s Expert IT Packages! From top-notch software engineers to creative designers and efficient project managers, our on-demand hiring solutions cater to all your needs. Explore our tailored packages now and discover how easy it is to access skilled professionals.

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Explore our journey towards a greener future

Unleash innovation and community with our visionary family of companies: Hardboot, OPN, and the Supporters Fund. From cutting-edge IT resources to fostering a global entrepreneurial community and driving impact investing, we shape a thriving ecosystem where startups flourish and sustainable growth takes center stage. Explore our services, tap into expertise, and join us in shaping a limitless future of technology, collaboration, and purpose.



“We’re so very pleased with a substantial project that Hardboot has been able to execute for us. Their management, developers and project leads are fantastic and easy to work with. The software they developed for us has been bulletproof. Over the years, we’ve needed additional support and their team has always been quick to respond and accessible. Overall, a great group of talented people to work with.”

Rosa Dias
Vice President, Risk Management & Internal Audit
, First National Financial LP

“We have been working with Hardboot for the past two years on front-end development. Our contract has been flexible and we appreciate the hardworking individuals who are committed to helping us build our product.”

Mike Sparling
, Multi-Health Systems Inc

“Hardboot is a Rockstar at what they do, the support that they give our platform in maintenance to have it running properly is something they take pride on. It is not only because that’s what they do best but because they love doing it”

Elber Gamboa
, Supply Expert
“Our start-up needed a development solution that fit our flexible needs and our budget. Hardboot delivered, and we could not be happier with the quality of the work, communication, and support.”
David Newhoff
, RightsClick, Inc.
“The Hardboot team is highly professional, experienced and exceptional with a global team that can execute effectively. Global yet Local feel, I would highly recommend Hardboot for your startup or external party to help accomplish your business goals / milestones”
Douglas Mochrie
Founder, CEO

“SingleKey collaborated with Hardboot to build 3 new critical features to our rental platform. We had a great experience in this project working with Hardboot. They were able to hit all of their deliverables as promised, on time and within budget. Their development team was able to quickly get up to speed on our code and make improvements right away. They were also very organized and flexible to make last minute changes when required.”

Viler, SingleKey

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Explore the world of impact investing with host Jeffrey Potvin. Discover innovative solutions and engaging conversations with experts on how investments can drive positive social and environmental change. Gain insights into the podcast that is shaping a better future for all.